Sunday, December 4, 2011

fresh felt flowers

There is one post I did a while back that gets about 500% more views than anything else on this blog.  So I felt like it was time to give a few more ideas for handmade flower hair clips.

I saw this idea in a magazine and they were using it as a topper for gift wrap.  But I adapted the measurements and supplies to make it into a perfect hair clip, or any other situation where you might need a felt flower.  Enjoy!
First, start with two strips of felt in different colors. The measurements and cuts don't need to be perfect, but mine were about 1.5" by 10".  Then use a sharp pair of scissors to cut fringe along both strips (you can do both at the same time by layering).
Next, add a line of glue along the bottom of one strip and place the other on top.  I like to use Aleene's Tacky Glue for any project like this one.  It is super sticky, dries clear, and is still easy to clean up.
Then add one more line of glue on the top layer.
Roll both strips up, keeping it tight at the bottom where the glue is.  I learned that it is helpful to cut the top piece of felt a bit smaller because of all the rolling.
Then I suppose you could wait for the glue to dry - but I am much too impatient for that.  I tied it tight with some beading thread that I happened to have close by.
And to finish off the centers, I used a twine pom-pom experiment gone wrong.  It just happens to be perfect for this project though!
After this, you can decide how you will use it.  If you want a hair clip you just need to hot-glue an alligator clip to the bottom and you're done.

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