Tuesday, August 23, 2011

fresh anniversary mini album

Just celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary over fondue and a martini with my mr. last week.  It was our first date night since the baby was born, and was long overdue.  Unfortunately my handmade anniversary present for him is overdue as well.  It's almost done!
I decided to make a mini album with one picture from every year that we've been married, and one for our wedding day too.  I had an extra picture for 2011 because I couldn't decide which one to put in the book, so I used it on the cover.  Each page has one picture, a typed caption from my typewriter, and a little ribbon tab.

Unfortunately the pictures started popping off a day after I started making this.  Then the captions too!  Dang that American Crafts adhesive runner that I had a feeling wasn't strong enough.  Going to trust my gut and stick with the tried and true super sticky adhesives next time.  But this time, I did a quick fix with some double-sided scotch tape for the pictures and the Tim Holtz tiny attacher for the captions (and ribbon too).  Also have to give a shout out to the Tim Holtz ruler which has revolutionized the way I add titles to layouts!
My last little "fix" for the book before I let him take it, is to laminate the covers.  He plans to take it to work and I don't quite trust the Basic Grey alphabet stickers to stay put after everything else already fell off once.  And I'm honestly pretty excited about the lamination!  Just found out that the local teacher store (Lakeshore Learning) has a DIY machine that is really cheap to use.  Wish me luck...


listgirl said...

Your book is adorable Cassi! I love the front cover photo. I also love Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, I use it everywhere. For the adhesive, I've been using Scotch adhesive runner and so far nothing has fallen off yet... that and glue dots. Good to know about the lamination at Lakeshore Learning! Great job with the mini-book!

c.darwin said...

Thanks Christine! The lamination was just as fun as I expected it to be. But my covers were too thick, so they didn't seal around every edge. One layer of cardstock with pictures and extras would be fine, but I did two plus the pictures. Only cost 29 cents per foot!