Tuesday, February 14, 2012

best valentine I've received

I love it when my husband creates homemade cards for me.  They usually involve a piece of printer paper, a ballpoint pen, and a sharpie.  But this year he went all out.  Luckily I had taken out a bunch of my Valentine's Day supplies for a mini book, and he used what was out on my desk.  This is his masterpiece.
My first reaction was - wow!  I was very impressed with his punching.  Then I couldn't hold back and said, "you used my expensive markers!".  He tried to deny it, but there is always bleed-through proof with Copic markers.
Love him anyway.  It's best that he doesn't know how much I spend on crafting supplies.

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listgirl said...

That's awesome Cassi! Dan did a great job! And craft items should be used, especially expensive items!